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Supernatural Seasons 1-9 DVD Box Set

Supernatural Seasons 1-9 DVD Box Set

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Supernatural Seasons 1-9 DVD Special Features
Actors: Jared Padalecki,Jensen Ackles,Jim Beaver,Jeffrey Dean Morgan,Katie Cassidy,Lauren Cohan,Samantha Ferris,Nicki Aycox,Alona Tal,Samantha Smith
Creator: Eric Kripke
Category: Drama | Sci-Fi/Fantasy
Seasons: Seasons 1,2,3...7,8,9
Year of Release: 2014
Number of Discs: 65
Language: English with removable subtitles
Audio Format: Dolby Digital 5.1
Aspect Ratio: 1.78:1
Video Format: Support both NTSC & PAL
Region: 1,2,4,5
Supernatural Seasons 1-9 DVD Description
After mother's death of brothers in a suspicious fire that burns down their house, Sam and Dean Winchester live a life on the road with their father as they grow up. Years pass, and the boys team up to find their father, John, who goes missing on a hunting trip. However, their father is not a typical hunter: he hunts Supernatural creatures like ghosts, vampires, and spirits, and he's trained his sons to do the same. And next plot follows Sam and Dean as they deal with their father's death, who, after the car crash, traded Azazel his life for Dean's. Sam and Dean continue to hunt Azazel, who caused the fire that led to the deaths of their mother, and later, Sam's girlfriend, Jessica. They receive assistance from new allies Ellen, Jo, and Ash. Part of Azazel's master plan is eventually revealed as he gathers Sam and others like him to fight each other, leading to the death of Sam. Dean makes a deal with a crossroads demon to bring Sam back in exchange for his soul, which will be collected in one year and taken to Hell. Azazel opens a portal to Hell, and as hundreds of demons and souls escape, has a final confrontation with the Winchesters. With the help of the spirit of John Winchester, who escaped Hell through the portal, Dean finally kills Azazel and the portal is closed. The Winchester brothers and their allies are left to deal with the demon army that has been unleashed and the one-year contract Dean has before he goes to Hell.
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